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    Preetam Das

    Well, the bezel’s not that thin… Lava tricked the customers with a curated image. The device most probably runs a MT6582 chipset (Same as the first-gen Android Ones) and doesn’t support 4G.

    In a country like India, where 3G is still dominating the market, 4G data will cost too much, so maybe that’s a wise decision. But at the price point of almost ₹ 11,000, people can get better specced phones.

    Rest specifications are all OK. I personally own a Spice Dream Uno Mi-498 (One of the first gen Android One phones) and I’m very happy with it’s performance, only complaint being the horrible battery life. I don’t know why the first generation Android Ones failed miserably, but maybe that’s how it goes sometimes.


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