The Tribez and Castlez

Remember The Tribez? Well if you were a fan, you need to be aware that Game Insight will be releasing The Tribez & Castlez for Android, iOS and Facebook soon.

Check out the trailer and you can read more about the game afterwards.

What is the story line for this sequel? Well it seems like a scientific experiment went wrong and you traveled to another world, where magic makes the rules.

In this new world forests are filled with monsters and dragons are a normal thing flying around. If you remember the Professor and Aurora you might be glad that they will help you, as Prince Eric, to rebuild your kingdom and protect it against the many villains you will encounter throughout the game.

Check out the key features of this sequel:

  • Protect your kingdom from several threats such as Gobools and Trollums.
  • Uncover the secrets of this magic world in dungeons, high towers and many diverse ambients.
  • Help locals.
  • Rebuild the kingdom by building Sawmills and Manufactories as well as breeding pigs and sheep.
  • Develop your country: create statues and fountains to boost your influence, amongst other influential buildings.
  • Invite your friends so you can reach the prosperity of your kingdom quicker.

This is all we known for now, but expect more news soon.

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