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IKIDUAL is a partnership between two people with the goal of making a statement in the Graphic Design market.

The word IKIDUAL has two elements: Iki and Dual. In those, Iki means identity, which is the main characteristic of each work, and Dual, which represents the two personalities that give the identity of the label.

IKIDUAL aims to correspond to all expectations in a way where our identity is always present.

Cátia Pita

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I graduated in Design at IADE and am currently pursuing a masters degree in Design and Visual Communication in the same institution.

There’s a characteristic mark of my personality in all of my works that takes into account what was requested. In order to make a statement and as one of IKIDUAL’s representatives, here I am to help awake the curiosity surrounding the world of technology.

Hugo Pinto

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I graduated in Design at IADE, with Design Graphic as a specialty and am currently pursuing a masters degree in Design and Visual Communication and the same institution.

Having professional experience I always try to give a personal touch to every work being that each customer is unique. I believe that there needs to exist a balance between what we are, at a professional and private level,  and what people think we are. Each work has to have a certain character in order to make a statement and that is me, one of IKIDUAL’s representatives.

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