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BQ expands the family – BQ Aquaris 3.5 presented

It was today that BQ Aquaris 3.5 appears in the BQ online store. The new element of the Aquaris family that joins to Aquaris 4.5 and to Aquaris 5 wants to reach a new segment of users that are looking for a smaller cellphone and at the same time a low cost equipment.

For not be different from the Aquaris line this Aquaris 3.5 appears with a Dual Sim keeping the versatility that was in the others devices. With this the user easily can have two numbers in only one cellphone which is very wanted nowadays specially in the Spanish and Portuguese market.

According to BQ this is a device that it’s ideal for all family since the youngest one to the older one. Not compromising the budget, because the price is 99.99 €, BQ already presents really good means to please the younger and the older one, it has a 3.5″ screen and a height of 110 grams.

In what concerns to the hardware the information processing it’s made by a 1.2GHz Dual Core Cortex CPU, while the graphic processing it’s made by a GPU Mali – 400. We aren’t talking about very powerful processors but with the price if the device it seems to us a very balanced solution.  The device’s screen it’s a IPS with a visualization angle of 178º,  according to BQ. In what concerns to memory we count with 8Gb available and 4 of them are offer in microSD Class 10 card already included in the device.

Although it’s a lower price the BQ Aquaris 3.5 allow us to capture our best moments but with a catch, low quality. The cameras of this new device are 2Mp at the back and a simple VGA camera ate the front that only can take pictures with 600×480 pixels.

In the early devices released by BQ we have always seen an inclusion of the most recent software and this time it’s no exception. Although we have been talking about the Android 4.4 BQ chose to include in this Aquaris 3.5 the Jelly Bean 4.2 Android version. We understand the release of this Android version instead of the 4.3 because the differences aren’t very significant and this last also hasn’t been used and tested for very long time by the users. So we understand the safer option by BQ.

BQ Aquaris 3.5 it’s already in the online store  and it’s available in two colors (black and white) and with the price of 99.90 €.

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