About Us

A little bit of history

The idea for AndroidEmotions originally started from João Mateus that was so enthusiastic about the new OS in town that he wanted to share the great things that could be done with Android with the rest of the world. So he decided that a website would be the fastest way to spread the word and show the capabilities of the system to everyone that had access to internet. We (João Mateus and Sofia Ferreira) started AndroidEmotions as two engineering students who shared the enthusiasm for new technologies. As we grew there was a need to add a few more people to the crew in order to satisfy our regular readers by keeping them updated on everything Android related, which at this point, was more than only smartphones and tablets.

Our mission

From the very beginning our mission was to be able to reach everyone around the world and bring them not only the newest updates about the Android operating system but also about new devices being released into the different markets across the world and new applications and games that keep appearing on the Play Store every day.

What we hope to achieve

As every proud contributor and site owner out there we want our website to become a reference for every Android user and developer, from the most basic of users that only have their devices to execute the most basic of tasks, to the most experienced users that need to be able to customize their devices in accordance to their daily needs.

Our partners

As of the writing of this page, we have been able to establish several partnerships with device providers such as LG Electronics, Asus, Samsung Portugal, Huawei, Orange and BQ, and also with game and application developers like HeroCraft. It is because of these partners that we are able to provide our regular readers with fresh news straight from the source and also make our own reviews of devices an applications taking into consideration the user’s perspective.

What to expect in the future

We hope to achieve what we thrive for since the beginning of the AndroidEmotions creation, which is being able to reach the five continents and keep everyone updated about the increasing world of Android and all the capabilities that are opening up with the features it brings in every new release. We will also aspire to develop our own Android applications soon to bring you yet another perspective on Android.

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